Colorado Springs Tankless Water Heater Installation Service

Is your water heater over 20 years old? If so, it’s at the end of its life. Call B&L Plumbing today to discuss a tankless water heater installation and find out how it can benefit you!

At B&L Plumbing, we’ve been providing tankless water heater installation throughout the Colorado Springs area for over 20 years. Our expert technicians are standing by and waiting for your call to discuss a new water heater or any other plumbing issue you might have.

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Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

If you’ve been thinking about getting a tankless water heater, but never pulled the trigger, now’s the time to consider it. Tankless water heaters give you on-demand hot water for as long as you need it -- no waiting for a tank to refill and heat up. Also, because these water heaters supply hot water instantly, you waste less water by not having to run the faucet and wait for hot water to come out.

Also, a tankless water heater can last up to 20 years or more, while traditional water heaters are built to last about 15 years. And most importantly, a tankless water heater uses 30 to 50 percent less energy than a conventional water heater. The money you save on your energy bills goes right into your pocket.

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

A traditional water heater fills a tank up with water then heats it to a certain temperature so that it’s ready for use. A tankless system provides hot water only when it’s needed, and it does this by bringing cold water in through a pipe, which is then heated either by a gas or electric burner. This direct heating of the water means you can’t run out and you only get hot water when you need it.

Depending on your household’s hot water needs, you may want to consider installing several tankless water heaters to meet the demand.

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Yes, Tankless Water Heaters Save You Money!

Depending on your family’s hot water usage, estimates suggest that a tankless water heater installation can save your family anywhere from $80-$100 per year. So while the initial cost of an instant hot water heater is higher than a traditional system, it will more than pay for itself and put money back in your pocket over the long run.

When you have instant hot water, and as much as you want, you’ll wonder how you lived without it! Call B&L Plumbing for a consultation at 719-638-7341. Our friendly experts will assess your home’s hot water needs and recommend the perfect setup to ensure you get all the hot water you need and save some dough to boot!