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Does your toilet constantly run? Do you have slow drains despite pouring chemical after chemical down? Call us for all of your plumbing repairs and let us keep your drains flowing freely.

At B&L Plumbing, we know that plumbing problems aren’t just an annoyance; they can be a health hazard if not taken care of right away. That’s why we specialize in virtually every type of residential plumbing repair, and why we offer emergency plumbing services for those times when things happen after business hours.

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Your Water Heater Could Be Ready to Fail! Here Are The Signs!

Failing water heaters are a common problem that everyone faces at some point. The key is to identify the problem and fix it before disaster strikes. Here are signs that your water heater is in danger of failure and that you should call a professional plumber for help.

  • Rust Colored Water — If water is rust colored or cloudy, it’s a sign that the tank is failing or that sediment has built up inside.
  • Strange Sounds — If your water heater is making gurgling or banging noises, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong and it shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Lukewarm Water — As water heaters fail, they stop making water as hot as they did when they were new. If left alone, this will only get worse.
  • Water Leaks — If you see water pooling around the base of your hot water tank, call a professional plumber immediately because a failure is imminent.

Other Common Plumbing Problems

Next to a water heater failure, there are a variety of plumbing issues that demand the attention of a professional plumber. Here are a few common residential plumbing problems you might experience.

  • Clogged Drains
  • Running Toilets
  • Backed Up Sewer
  • Septic Tank Failure
  • Burst Pipes
  • Leaks

If you’ve tried to fix one or more of these problems, but can’t, call in a professional residential plumber for help and get the job done right.

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Why B&L Plumbing?

At B&L Plumbing, we’re a family owned company who has been serving the residents of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area since 1999, and our reputation has been built on the trust and level of service we provide to every one of our customers. We offer 24/7 emergency help at no extra charge.

If you’re in the Monument, Falcon, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Black Forest, Security-Widefield, Peyton or Sample areas, we want to be your ‘go-to’ residential plumber. Don’t let a plumbing emergency upset you. Call us and let us take care of everything!

Whatever plumbing problem or emergency you’re experiencing, B&L Plumbing can handle it quickly and at a price that’s fair. Call us day or night at 719-638-7341! We’re the only plumber you’ll ever need.