Colorado Springs Burst Pipe & Frozen Pipe Repair

Are you worried about your pipes bursting this winter? Do you have a pipe that broke and is now leaking? Call B&L Plumbing right away and let us help you stay out of a bad situation.

Winters in Colorado Springs are harsh, and we see our fair share of burst pipes. A burst pipe isn’t just an inconvenience; it can cost you money in wasted water and property damage. At B&L Plumbing, our expert technicians can fix your burst pipes quickly, and we can inspect your plumbing to ensure you won’t have any ruptures when Mother Nature decides to send the temperatures to the bottom.

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Why Pipes Burst

The primary reason pipes burst is because water that rests inside the pipe expands when it freezes, which increases the pressure inside the pipe and causes it to break open. Keep in mind that not all frozen pipes will burst, but the continual freezing and thawing puts stress on them which could lead to failure down the road. If you’ve had winters where your pipes have frozen repeatedly, it’s a good idea to call in a burst pipe repair professional to inspect them when they thaw to assess any damage.

How to Tell If You Have a Burst Pipe

You might not be able to tell immediately if you have a burst pipe so here are a few signs to look for that indicate a problem.

  • Changes in Water Pressure -- If you suddenly notice changes in your water pressure, you may have a hole in one of your pipes.
  • Water Marks -- The pipes that run behind your walls may create a damp mark or streak if it’s leaking. Check your basement and laundry rooms especially for this situation.
  • Pooling Water -- If you notice water pooling anywhere in the house, it could be a burst pipe.
  • Hissing or Whistling Sounds -- Sometimes when a pipe has burst, you’ll notice hissing or whistling sounds when you’re using your plumbing. This happens when air gets into the system and could mean a broken pipe.

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Do This Immediately If You Have a Burst Pipe

When the temperature drops, you need to be aware of your pipes, especially if they’re prone to freezing. Freezing can lead to a burst, and if you have a pipe that breaks, here’s what to do right away to prevent further damage.

  • Turn Off You Water
  • Call A Frozen Pipe Repair Plumber
  • Remove Water To Prevent Mold

Winters seem to be getting worse and worse, and a burst pipe can not only inconvenience your family, but it can also cause water damage, which means money out of your pocket to fix. Call B&L Plumbing at 719-638-7341 today and let us check to make sure your pipes are well insulated or if you have a break and need emergency help.