Colorado Springs Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Are your drains always slow no matter how many times you’ve unclogged them? Do you have unusually low water pressure? If so, you might need a main sewer line replacement. Call B&L Plumbing today for an assessment.

When the main sewer line ruptures, there are a host of problems that come with it including raw sewage in your home. At B&L Plumbing, our expert technicians will inspect your main sewer line for trouble and advise you of any repairs needed or if it’s better to replace it before the unthinkable happens.

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Do You Need a Main Sewer Line Repair? Here’s How to Know for Sure!

Diagnosing a plumbing problem can be tricky. If you’re experiencing foul odors or discolored water, it could be a number of reasons. However, if it’s the main sewer line that’s the culprit, here’s how to know for sure.

  • Sewer Is Backed Up -- If your toilet backs up every time you flush it, there’s a good chance you have a problem with the main line
  • Bad Smells -- If you notice a rancid odor coming out of your drains or pipes, it’s an indication that you have a rupture or leak in your main sewer line
  • Slow Drains -- Slow drains are common and can usually be solved with a professional cleaning. However, if that doesn’t work, it could be a clog in the main sewer line, which is tougher to fix
  • Patchy Grass -- When you have a leak or break in the main line, sometimes you have one area of your lawn that grows thicker than the rest

Common Causes for Main Sewer Line Clogs & Ruptures

Your main sewer line is the biggest and most important part of your home’s plumbing system. And when it becomes clogged or breaks, it can mean a costly repair and damage to your home. Here are some common reasons why this line becomes clogged or breaks.

  • Damage From Tree Roots
  • Corrosion Due To Aging Pipes
  • Line Sag Due To Ground Conditions
  • Flushing Debris Down The Toilet
  • Grease In The Drains

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How to Prevent Sewer Line Blockage

As mentioned, the last thing you want is to have a clog or break in your main sewer line, so here are a few steps you can take to keep your line clear and free flowing.

  • Don’t pour grease or fats down your drains
  • Use enzyme cleaners to clean your drains at least once a month
  • Don’t plant trees or shrubs near your main sewer line
  • Don’t flush wipes or other hygiene products down the toilet
  • Do a thorough cleaning once every year

Don’t let a main sewer line break or clog ruin your home and make your family sick. Call B&L Plumbing today at 719-638-7341 for an assessment of your line.