Fountain Emergency Plumbing Services

If you have a toilet that's backing up or a burst pipe, call B&L Plumbing for 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

Sometimes, plumbing problems are more than an inconvenience; they're emergencies. When a toilet won't stop running or a pipe bursts, you're losing money down the drain and risking damage to your property. At B&L Plumbing, our technicians are standing by ready to help when you need them most. Call today in Fountain, CO, for emergency service.

Do you have a slow drain or a drain that always clogs? Contact us for expert drain cleaning service today.

Call Us for These Plumbing Emergencies

Not every plumbing problem requires immediate attention, but sometimes, the longer you wait, the more money you lose. Call us for these common plumbing emergencies:

  • Burst Pipes
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Running or Overflowing Toilet
  • Clogged Drains
  • Water Heater Failure
  • Sewage Backing Up Into Your Home

Plumbing emergencies don't wait until it's convenient for you; they happen days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Whenever they occur, you can count on us for 24-hour help.

Why Pipes Burst & What Can You Do to Prevent It?

A burst pipe is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. Every minute that goes by is water and money down the drain. Also, water damage to your property can run in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, not to mention the mold you might get. Here are the main reasons pipes burst and how you can prevent it.

  • Clogs: When pipes clog, the pressure builds and can lead to a rupture.
  • Freezing: Freezing and expanding pipes are one of the most common reasons for failure.

To prevent burst pipes, make sure that pipes are well-insulated for winter and let the water slowly drip to prevent freezing. Also, keep your drains free-flowing with professional drain cleaning at least once a year.

Don't wake up to no hot water. Call us for our water heater service to make sure your unit is in tip-top shape.

Why B&L Plumbing?

There are a lot of plumbers out there vying for your business. However, we think you'll appreciate the service and respect you get when you hire us. We have over 20 years in the plumbing business and haven't met a problem we couldn't fix. Also, our customer base is built on our commitment to quality workmanship and professionalism. Lastly, you're never stuck in a plumbing jam when you rely on our 24/7 emergency help.

Don't panic the next time you have a plumbing emergency. Call B&L Plumbing in Fountain, CO, at 719-259-2417 for assistance.