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Treat Your Trees Like the Heroes They Are!


Have you ever heard of Love a Tree Day? While it might not get the same love as Memorial Day, it’s an important celebration of one of the most giving things in our world - trees! Every May 16 is Love a Tree Day, a day to honor and celebrate trees and their many benefits.

Trees, the biggest plants on Earth, provide many essential benefits. They release oxygen, store carbon, support wildlife and help stabilize the soil. Trees also provide us shelter, food, and shade.

We need trees for just about every aspect of life. Similarly, trees depend on water. Adequate amounts of clean water are essential to the health of the trees that we love and depend upon.

Clean Water is Just As Important to Them

cleanwaterTrees need water to thrive, and dirty or polluted water can have detrimental effects on them. When trees absorb polluted water, the pollutants can get into its roots and work its way throughout the tree.

For trees that produce food, this can make the parts that we eat dangerous. Further, polluted water can end up killing trees. Similarly, a lack of water or too much mud or clay can also kill a tree.

In these scenarios, trees are unable to absorb the necessary water and essentially choke. We know how important trees are, but this Love a Tree Day take a moment to reflect on how important good water is for trees.

How Can Water Filtration Help?

waterfilterWhile you’re thinking about clean water this spring, consider whether you have clean water in your home. Do you have a water filter? If not, do you test the quality of your water regularly?

Much like trees, we need clean water to both survive and thrive. Clean water is essential for hydration, cooking, and sanitation.

A water filter or water filtration system can help ensure that you have a supply of clean and pure water. Water filters remove bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals from water. Plus, they can make water taste and smell better. Better tasting water usually results in people drinking more water, a habit that has a multitude of health benefits.

If you don’t have a water filter or filtration system in your home, we can help! At B&L Plumbing we offer water filtration installation services, and can also help you test your water to determine what filtration method is right for you.

Celebrate Love a Tree Day

plantatreeNow that you know about Love a Tree Day, take a moment to celebrate it this year. One of the best ways you can honor trees this May 16th is with clean water.

Take some time to water the trees in your yard or neighborhood but consider the quality of the water that you’re using. Make sure it’s clean water – either collected rainwater or water from your home – so that you’re helping your trees to grow and thrive.

If your reflections on trees and clean water made you realize that you don’t have a water filter, call B&L Plumbing today at (719) 638-7341. We can install a water filtration system that will ensure your entire home has clean, safe and pure water.