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Plumbing Tips for the Fourth of July


You hit all of the Fourth of July milestones - there was a parade, a barbecue, a community picnic, and fireworks. You fully appreciated the day and all that our independence and freedom represent.

You even hosted a successful party with friends, coworkers, neighbors and family members. The day was full, and everyone had a great time celebrating our country and your community. But after the party, you found yourself left with a few unpleasant plumbing issues.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Parties can put an extra strain on your plumbing system and can cause a number of problems. In hopes of helping you avoid any future problems, here are some plumbing tips to keep in mind before hosting this year's 4th of July.

Prepare your Kitchen Sink

kitchensinkThe kitchen seems to be the center of many great parties. For whatever reason, it’s where people tend to congregate and spend the bulk of their time.

While you might not mind this, it can raise some concerns for your kitchen sink. While you’re diligent about not putting grease or food down your sink, when the kitchen sink is surrounded by guests, it’s hard to know what might end up in the sink or down the drain.

Rather than worry about it, install a grease trap before your next event. This will ensure that grease and solids don’t reach or backup your sewage system. It’s an easy way to protect your pipes before your next great party.

Expect a Toilet Clog

toiletclogWith lots of guests using your bathroom, a minor clog or two is almost inevitable. However, if you’re prepared for it, then this can stay a minor problem and be easily handled.

Before your next party, in addition to making sure that your bathrooms are clean and fully stocked with toilet paper, soap and towels, also check to make sure that there’s a plunger in every bathroom.

This simple step will enable you or your guests to quickly handle a small clog and could effectively avoid a massive toilet clog or a major mess.

Locate your Shutoff Valve

shutoffvalveYour home’s main shutoff valve enables you to quickly shut off water to your entire house. While it’s always important to know where this is, it’s especially important if you’re going to be putting additional strain on your plumbing system.

Knowing where this valve is located, enables you to quickly respond to a leak or other plumbing emergency and to minimize any damage that such a problem might cause.

It’s essential that you know where this is, so if you don’t know how to access it, take a moment as soon as possible to locate it and to ensure that it’s easily accessible. We hope you have a 4th that’s full of celebrations and good times with friends and family.

Hopefully, these plumbing tips will help you to avoid any plumbing issues over the holiday. But if any problems should arise, you can always contact B&L Plumbing at (719) 638-7341. We’re available 24/7 to handle any plumbing problems you have.