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Do you live in an older home with frequent pipe bursts and leaks? It might be time for a whole home repiping. Call B&L Plumbing for a consultation right now!

Many homes older than 50 years were made with galvanized pipes, which are prone to breaking as they age. Galvanized pipes were coated with zinc which was done to prevent rust and corrosion, however, it didn’t help. Now, homes with these pipes experience frequent leaks and failures, plus these pipes can release lead into your drinking water. At B&L Plumbing, we want you to have safe, clean water to drink and cook with, which is why we’re available to discuss your whole house repipe project right now.

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Here’s Why You Should Consider Whole Home Repiping

There are many reasons to consider repiping your home, but here are the top reasons.

  • Old Pipes -- As mentioned, inferior galvanized pipes in older homes are now unstable and tend to leak or burst at a high rate. They also can release harmful lead into your drinking water.
  • Low Water Pressure -- If you’ve noticed unusually low water pressure throughout the house, there’s a chance that your pipes are clogged with rust or other buildups.
  • Discolored Water -- Is your water red or brown? If so, it could be because the old pipes are now rusting and that rust is infecting your drinking water.
  • Frequent Pipe Leaks -- Older homes with older pipes will experience more frequent leaks and bursts than newer homes. If leaky pipes or bursting pipes are common in your home, it could be time for a whole house repipe.

Here Are the Benefits of a Whole House Repipe

Getting rid of your old, galvanized pipes is the primary benefit to a whole house repipe, but there’s more than that. For example, when you decide to go for home repiping, your plumber will install several kinds of pipe, including copper and PEX piping. Copper is ideal because it resists corrosion and it’s difficult for bacteria to thrive in the pipes. Another option your plumber might choose is PEX piping, which is flexible and resists bursting. Lastly, repiping your home adds value should you decide to sell it in the future.

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Why B&L Plumbing?

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