Colorado Springs Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Are you sick of your old, tired looking bathroom? Then why not consider calling a bathroom remodeling contractor and find out how to spruce it up!

There are tons of great ideas and ways to improve your bathroom, and not all of them are outrageously expensive. At B&L Plumbing, our experts will assess your current space and recommend ways to improve it according to your budget. Don’t wait any longer. Find out how easy it is to get your dream bathroom today!

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Tips to Remodel Your Bathroom

While a bathroom remodel can be a big job, here are a few tips to make the process go smoother and how to do it without spending the kids’ college fund.

  • Choose A Floor That’s Easy To Care For -- Materials like porcelain or glazed tile are better than stone because they’re easy to clean and don’t trap germs
  • Put In A Throne To Be Proud Of -- Yes, if you’re going to replace your toilet, why not get one that gets the job done in one flush. Many newer high-powered, high-efficiency toilets save you money on water bills and still take care of business quickly
  • Think Sink! -- There are many wonderful sinks available now with interesting designs and features. Consider splurging on a neat sink and add some style to your bathroom.

Save Some Dough on Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t have to drain your savings even though it’s a big job. Here are a few ways where you can still get a great looking bathroom and save some cash in the process.

  • Don’t Move Your Plumbing -- Using your existing plumbing will save you tons!
  • Consider Alternatives to Tile -- Tile can be expensive, so use it sparingly and try for other materials such as batten or wood
  • Choose Plumbing Fixtures Wisely -- You might be tempted to get cheap fixtures, but experts say that putting in a little more money now will save you in the long run because good fixtures last a long time and aren’t as prone to leaking as cheaper ones.

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Why Call B&L Plumbing?

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If you’re thinking about bathroom remodeling or want to know how to go about it, call B&L Plumbing today and let us assess your current setup and recommend how best to proceed. Call 719-638-7341.