24 Hour Plumber in Monument

When a pipe bursts or a water heater fails, there’s no time to waste waiting for an appointment. Call B&L Plumbing for fast, 24-hour plumbing repair.

Here in Monument, CO, residents count on B&L Plumbing when they need a lightning-fast response for their plumbing emergencies. Whether it’s a hot water tank replacement or another problem, B&L technicians are standing by ready to help 24/7.

Do you have a drain that always clogs no matter what you do? Try our drain cleaning services for relief.

When to Call for Emergency Plumbing Services

Your plumbing should be worry-free if it’s well-maintained. However, for many homeowners, problems creep up when they least expect it. Here are the most common plumbing problems and when you’ll want to have a dependable plumber in your list of contacts.

  • Slow Drains: When bits of food, soap, hair, or grease stick in your pipes, it causes your drains to run slowly.
  • Running Toilet: When a toilet won’t stop running, you’re losing money with each gallon that goes down the drain. Call for help if you can’t stop the toilet from draining.
  • Burst Pipes: When a pipe breaks because of freezing or corrosion, you risk property damage that can range in the thousands of dollars if you don’t get it repaired quickly.
  • Low Water Pressure: If you’ve noticed a drop in your water pressure, it could be a problem with your supplier or a problem with your aerator. Call us to find out which it is.
  • No Hot Water: Trying to take a hot shower in the morning and finding out there’s no hot water isn’t the best way to start your day, but it could indicate a water heater failure. Your tank may need draining, or you may need a new installation. Call us for help!

Don’t Ignore These 5 Failing Water Heater Signs

The last thing a family needs is to have no hot water, especially in the morning. No hot water often means a water heater failure. Fortunately, your water heater gives off signs that it’s ready to fail. Call us right away if you notice:

  • Age: Age may be just a number, but with your water heater, the older it is, the more likely it is to fail. If your water heater is over 12 years old, think about a replacement.
  • Discolored Water: If the water coming out of the spigot is brown or rusty, it’s a sign there’s something wrong inside your water tank.
  • Strange Noises: A water heater that makes popping or rumbling noises is telling you to call for help right away.
    Leaks: If you see water leaking around the base of the tank, call a plumber for help immediately.
  • Lack of Hot Water: If the water doesn’t stay as hot for as long as it used to, your water heater may need servicing or replacing.

If your water bill is rising, it could be a leak in the mainline. Call us for sewer line services today.

Try This Solution When Running Out of Hot Water

Does your family fight over who gets the shower first every morning because they know the last one in won’t have much hot water left? If so, you might need to re-think your hot water solution. Maybe a tankless water heater is right for you. A tankless water heater installation means you have instant, unlimited hot water, so everyone in the family can enjoy a hot shower no matter who’s gone before. Call us for a consultation to find out if a tankless system is right for you.

Whether you need emergency plumbing repair or a new water heater, B&L Plumbing is the company Monument, CO, residents trust when they need professional plumbing repair. Call us today at 719-638-7341.