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plumbing contractorsAs a homeowner, you may be used to handling household emergencies by yourself. Things like burning dinner, cleaning up the kids’ messes, and saving the dog from eating chocolate are likely on the list of daily activities. But when you’re standing in five inches of water in your shower and it hasn’t drained by the time you’re home from work, you’ve got a more serious issue on your hands.

Like many other emergencies, this isn’t something you should handle on your own. Keep reading to find out what other plumbing emergencies require the help of skilled plumbing contractors.

Hot Water Heater Replacement
Have you ever installed a water heater by yourself before? No? Now isn’t the time to start learning. Rather than risk hurting yourself and messing with your home’s plumbing, this is absolutely a situation that requires plumbing services. Not only have plumbing contractors likely installed a water heater before, they’ve had the necessary training to ensure they get the job done right. Improper equipment installation could decrease heating and cooling efficiency by almost 30%, not to mention seriously mess with your shower!

Frozen Pipes
Frozen pipes can cost hundreds of dollars in damages, especially if you try to fix it yourself with a hairdryer. A pipe that has been frozen and thawed repeatedly is only going to become weaker and weaker with each successive freeze and thaw! And if you get the hairbrained idea in your head that you can fix it by yourself, you’ll likely add to the plumbing bill you’re going to end up paying to fix your mistake.

Bathroom Remodeling
First of all, you shouldn’t be remodeling anything on your own unless you’re a licensed contractor. Second, a bathroom remodel requires things like sewer line replacement, water heater installation, and a whole mess of other plumbing jobs you’re likely not qualified to do. If you want the bathroom of your dreams, make sure you’re entrusting the work to skilled plumbing contractors.

You might be able to unclog the toilet every once in a while, but for the more complex stuff, make sure you’re calling a plumber. There’s no reason to risk house and home for something that could have been fixed with a simple phone call!